Saturday, December 20, 2008


I've been a touch frustrated lately. I fully understand how everyone has less descretionary funds. I just wish I could make a few more sales in the online store.

No good deed goes unpunished. One year ago, I bought out a friend to help her retire. While I was wanting to have an online shop, I had (and still have) very definite ideas of what I want to carry. Unfortunately, most of what I bought does not fit the bill. It is very nice yarn. It does not work for reenacting or recreating historical clothing. I have a lot of Crystal Palace fizz, glam, deco and Debbie Bliss yarns, along with Ironstone's Desert nights and Paris nights, there is mohair, rayon, and ribbon yarns. None of it is in large quantities. There is likely enough of most items to make a single project. In a fit of inspiration, I did package some of these items to sell off at one price.

The economy being what it is, not too many people are purchasing odd lots of yarn. Maybe I could request a bail out? Or, do you think the tax man would accept yarn instead of cash?


In other news, I discovered I am allergic to mohair. Not a mild, oh it itches allergy. I break out in hives if I touch the stuff. Irony = owning a yarn shop and being allergic to one third of what you have in stock.

yellow windmill
I have been working on these wash clothes this week. I have a stack of five completed. Just four more to go before the holiday. I know that sounds odd or cheap, but that's the stocking stuffer this year. Everyone gets a fancy new dishcloth. It's the thought that counts.


Upcoming events:
Visit MGA/Two Dogs Yarn Shop at these upcoming SCA events:
Regular Event in Cleftlands 24 Jan
Better War through Archery 7 Feb.
Gulf Wars in Gleann Abhain 15 - 21 March
Three Saints at Rivenstar 11 April
Midrealm Coronation 2 & 3 May
Baron Wars in Red Spears 8 - 10 May
Midrealm Crown Tourney 23 24 May


shameless exploitation of my pets:
I plan on having more of my photos available there in the future. Look for flowers, knitting related shirts and other goodies after New Year.

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