Saturday, February 14, 2009

Knit and Natter

I've been off reading and knitting. It's healthier than fretting over bills, the economy, or the state of the world in general.

comfort shawl
This is my third shawl done on US size 13 needles with a boucle yarn. I like the color changes on the blue almost as much as the so called brown. Actually, that one should have been named autumn because it had a lot of gold and orange in it.

red shawl
same thing in red, which was disappointing for the lack of color changes. Ah well, one can't have everything.

I am also working on a block a month throw. This one was for January.
Christmas_Epiphany block
My M.I.L. saw this and positively drooled. I think I know what she'll be getting for next Christmas.

Hubby ran a sale on rattan during our slow month. We had two orders that took forever to arrive. At least, I hope they've arrived by now. I managed to sell two magazines this week. I really should finish adding the books and magazines to our online store instead of relying on word of mouth to sell them.

Today is Val-Day in Kalamazoo. Hubby was at the event with rattan and yarn. Last week, we only took yarn to an event and he still managed to sell three sticks of rattan. He's decided to add Winter's End to our schedule this month. After that, we have the push to prepare for Gulf Wars down in Lumberton, Mississippi.

This little beauty arrived in the mail yesterday. Hubby ordered it from Clang Armory. They do nice work on the forge. The rose even had a bit of rose scent on it which made the dogs happy. My hound mix likes the smell of roses very much.

Time for a bit more knitting and to wind down for the evening. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

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