Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Power Outages and Knitting

Sunday morning we were awakened by a loud boom. I honestly thought we were finally going to get rain. The thunder like sound didn't repeat which made me open my eyes to check the time. My clock was dark. That motivated me to sit up and look out the window to the south.

It was still dark outside, and the traffic light a block away didn't appear to be working. There were however sparks. Lots of sparks from a downed power line and blinking red lights from emergency crews. Someone hit a pole and took down the power lines. No one was hurt. Four hours later, we had electricity and water. The perils of having a well include not having water when the power goes out. This accident made me realize it was approaching the time of year to start keeping jugs of water in the house.

The rational part of me was very glad to find out no one was hurt. The irrational part of my brain went into full parent mode. I spent Sunday alternating between wanting to smack someone for texting while driving and wanting to shake them for endangering themselves and others. I also wanted to celebrate their not being killed.

I'm in a better mental place than I was with my last entry. As you can see by the way I bounce around I am not fully recovered.
Since this blog is supposed to be about needle work and pets, I bring you a poncho.

This one was knit on US size 13 needles using a boucle yarn. I wanted to play with color and texture so I knit a section, joined the garment in a circle and knit more then bound off and cast on in a different direction for the bottom. I'm rather pleased with the way the yarn's colors played out as I worked.

I have also been working on a scarf for when this city hosts the Super Bowl. Since I'm not using the "official" yarn, the scarf I'm making is for a friend who plans on being a volunteer at the big game in 2012. Pictures of blue and white alpaca next time. I promise.