Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In with the New

I was reading one of the blogs I follow and discovered how you spend your New Year's day is how you will spend the rest of the year.
This theory makes sense out of last year's record breaking doctor visits and other medical issues. I took a spill carrying something to the compost heap, banged up my knee and twisted my ankle, the year went to Hades in a handbasket from that moment.

I believe this year has an auspicious beginning. While I did take down curtains and tossed them into the laundry room, we also managed to get a home improvement project completed. One I had the parts for but never got around to doing because it involved two people. I now have fabric shutters across my living room window! No more having everyone who drives by seeing what's on the telly. (Yes, the house is a tad close to the road) Better still, road noise has been cut in half.

I also managed to get in a bit of reading. I checked three books by Clara Parkes out of the library. The Book of Wool was fascinating reading. Her Book of Socks had loads of info on construction. I am seriously considering adding her Book of Yarn to my wish list. This one volume has information on the types of yarn, how it is structured, how it behaves, why it behaves that way and then there are the knitting patterns. I found four I wanted to cast on while flipped through the back of the book.

I also managed to do a wee bit of knitting today. I made up a watch cap in a denim blue colored yarn. It will be making its way to a friend who was promised a knit gift back in December 2010. He's been very patient and understanding. I need to bake some cookies to add into the package. That level of patience deserves a big reward.