Monday, December 15, 2008

Boar's Head

We took a little trip north this last weekend. It started off on Friday night with a four hour drive to the suburbs of Chicago and spending the night at a friend's house. Best thing about visiting with friends is the muffins. All the ginger bread or cranberry orange muffins we could eat for breakfast. Ok, so I am not a total hog. I confess to taste testing one on Friday night then having two at breakfast Saturday morning.

We were up way too early on Saturday and in the truck heading north of Milwaukee for the event. I got to see the sun rise. Not my idea of a good time, but a serious application of coffee improved my mood. Once we arrived at the site, hubby and one of his friends unloaded the truck and trailer while the pooch and I began to set up.

This was an indoor event and not dog friendly, so only the assistance/service dog got to travel with us this weekend. She sprawled under the table for the most part, with a touch of shivering when someone held an outer door open for too long. Our booth was right inside the room the event was held in so the breezes from the atrium were a bit much for me. I snuggled with the dog when that outer door was held open.

After the event, we had a two hour drive to our friend's house that was longer than usual due to the winds. There was a bit of rain, but the wind was bad. We managed to have a nice long visit, got to sleep in on Sunday and went out for brunch Sunday morning. After brunch, we had more visiting and a long drive home. The winds were still blowing hard on Sunday.

Have I mentioned it's good to be home?

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