Sunday, July 31, 2011

Working and Reading

Over the years I have become less heat tolerant. This means less time where I can easily work in my butterfly garden. I decided to make an attempt at beating back what is fast looking like a rain forest. The back yard is the finger system for our septic tank, so all of the plants are very happy and very big.

After wacking down a pokeberry shrub and taking out the sapling which seems to have a love affair with our deck, I sprayed the driveway weeds with a combination of vinegar and salt. I got the recipe from a friend who swears by it. She also warned me nothing will grow in the sprayed areas for two years. I'm good with the idea of no drive way weeds for that long, or longer.

Since it is summer, and warm, I spend a lot of time reading. So far this year, I've read 57 books, most of them are novella length or full sized novels of 400 or more pages. I should focus more on growing my direct sales business. My only excuse is that reading feels safer to me.

Knitting continues, I'm working on a hat, a baby blanket and want to knit up Alan Dart's chess set. I got that pattern in the June copy of Simply Knitting. It looks like something fun to make and it will be useful since I like to play chess. I might try adapting the pattern and giving the pieces specific personalities based on a series of books. We'll see how ambitious I get over the fall.

Ramadan started today. I have a few Muslim friends who fast during this time. I wish them a good holiday. Lammas is in another day, to all of my Pagan friends, have a good celebration of first fruits.